dico animus institute


Financial support is needed to fund and develop projects, which respect the different knowledge and wisdom of cultures existing on the same planet. For the enhancement of quality of life and productivity for all world citizens.

Century old persecutions , destruction and annihilation of the traditional lifestyles, habitats and the spirituality of indigenous tribes have brought to the brink of non existence a way of life which could prove to provide many solutions to today’s innumerable problems, doubts and life threatening situations.
Financial as well as moral support is needed to establish a learning center, where the “Wisdom of Old” is permitted to light again a sacred fire of teaching, learning, respect and worship for the works of the Creator.

The Dico Animus Institute can provide an opportunity for people of all occupations to participate in the knowledge and lifestyles of a holistic community. Natural ways of healing, community structures, service, commerce, spirituality, and respect for different cultures can be taught and lived by elders, teachers, family members, and participants from the world community.

The center can provide courses, accredited by universities for national and international students. Opportunities will be created for professors and experts from a network of universities and business to teach modern subjects in the field of business, marketing, computer technologies, and themes appropriate to the circumstances.

Dico Animus Institute plans to raise funds by soliciting contributions from corporations, foundations, tribal governments, individuals, and government agencies on local, national, and international levels.