dico animus institute


Participation by students and scientist from the world community as well as indigenous elders and community members can provide the following benefits:

• Spiritual understanding and satisfaction supports "The Family of Man"
• General education promotes acceptance and diminishes prejudice
• Personal growth establishes new ways of thinking and problem solving
• Thoughtful economic opportunities create socially just situations for participation in a global exchange of resources and know-how
• Exposure to traditional family supported living can demonstrate
to willing students a role model of respect and responsibility
• Mutual participation in celebrations can rebuild and reinforce belonging and protection of community structures
• Recreational and adventure activities can enhance a sense of self-worth and self-reliance
• Respect of cultural differences and the exchange of life and environment enhancing knowledge can contribute to a positive attitude and spiritual vitality in a rapidly changing world

Compared with other agencies of this kind we work together with experts from different disciplines, countries, and nationalities. We can bring a global outlook and international experience together to provide acceptable action on a local level. The goal is not to continue lingering in false images and expectations – but to produce measurable results that benefit all.