dico animus institute


projects of the DAI : In order to accomplish our mission to create improved perspectives, exchange and interdependence between cultures, DAI plans at this time the following activities and gives the included operational information for each of the different arms of the organization:

Educational arm: build a center for learning and promotion of indigenous cultures. DAI will either lease or purchase land in the northwestern part of Montana.
Once the center is established, it will be available for use by tribal elders, members, teachers and national and international students. It is anticipated that the center will be used for seminars, lectures, and classes under the supervision of accredited institutions and appropriate elders.

History Camp: as long as there has been no physical building available, Napi started with informal camps on the Blackfoot Reservation and the Eureka area to promote an appreciation and respect for traditional Native American arts, language, culture, and education. Plans included national and international student exchange programs to help provide a confidence-building framework for young Native Americans who have experienced destructive lifestyles and unsupportive social conditions. The first camp was held July to August 20th 1996.

Publishing arm: DAI will build on the experience with
“Spirit Talk” Magazine, a publication started with the help of NAPI.
We will start an educational press for publication and distribution of books, magazines, digital media and recordings by indigenous performers and interculturally engaged artists.

Equestrian Assisted Learning or EAL:
Through thousands of years of partnership, horses have come to understand us like no other being. The eyes of a horse can see into places deep within us — and their hearts can reach places we ourselves do not know how to find. With their touch — their mere presence — they can heal us, making whole that which was fragmented; restoring that which was lost. It is true, the horse may no longer till our fields or transport us from place to place, but they still have a great deal to give. They can now offer us what we need the most — healing, insight, and true connection to spirit.
From http://www.egcmethod.com/wordpress/
DAI will support and practice EAL in coordination with a Blackfoot project to reestablish ancient blood lines of the famed Buffalo Horse.